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 “Our audience at clearly enjoys your articles.  Your topic selection is right on the money, and your trade-off of accessibility versus technical information works well to reach broad segments of our audience.  They also seem to appreciate that you insert occasional quirky humor, which makes you and your stories more relatable.”  – John Hayes, President of


“You went from highly technical to very practical. Thought I was going to get lost there, but you conveyed the information brilliantly. Thanks so much!” – Reader comment on an article about LED lighting


“Very nicely written and I was able to follow along with your clear and precise data portrayal. Thanks.” – Reader comment from Tom’s Solar Power infographic


Excellent tutorial. Loved it.
Best explanation of timers so far.” – Viewer comment on an educational video that Tom created.


Thank you for this simple yet awesome analysis!!” – Viewer comment on an educational video that Tom created.


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